I was going to post biographies of each of the consumer liason reps, but I stopped after reviewing the first dozen.  Why waste my time each bio when I can easily summarize.  Professors, agency directors who represent clients for insurance issues and several anti-insurance company advocates.  What is even more interesting is that 10 of the reps are given stipends to attend meetings.  Guess where the money comes from for the stipends….insurance carriers. 

I am not “chicken little”, but insurance industry, wake up and start monitoring the NAIC.  They are getting stronger and again showing, with the appointment of many of these reps, that as a group they are anti-insurance company.

I will get off the NAIC soap box for a little while. My next post will be on giving extrordinary customer service by your claims department.  It is not as hard or as complicated as it appears to be.