What do claim customers really want?


There sure are a lot of surveys being done with claim customers to measure their level of claim satisfaction.  I don’t want to brag but I will.  While working for Allstate Claims, I was asked by the Director to figure out why our customer satisfaction levels were some of the worst in the company.  In 60 days I assembled a team and we talked to over 500 customers as to why they were not satisfied with our claim service.  All of the people interviewed were our policy holders.

The answers they gave were not surprising.  They wanted timely claim handling.  They wanted to be kept informed while their claim was pending and a good up front explanation of how the claim would be handled.  Of course they wanted a fair claim settlement.  What was the top concern?  Being kept informed, just that simple.

In looking at our claim standards, we had no measurable standards where a claim rep could be judged on his/her service.  The next step was to put in standards for every claim employee who touched a customer.  60 days later managers started doing quality reviews to the defined standards and coaching employees as to where they needed improvement.  Within 6 months our claim service area was posting the best service results in the company. 

Three years later these standards and reviews were abandoned and you can guess where the service results went.