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About the Principal

Robert Wesseler has been an insurance claims professional since 1973, handling Allstate Insurance Property and Casualty claims and also Commercial claims.  He managed claim offices in multiple states and directed Regional Casualty operations for the past 24 years.

During his tenure with Allstate, he provided oversight for the resolution of all Bad Faith and Extra Contractual liability claims in his territories. He was the primary company representative in mediation’s for these claims 2002-12-31 23.00.00-1and served as Allstate’s 30(b)(6) witness.

Mr. Wesseler is well versed in medical bill review systems and mechanized bodily injury evaluation systems. He assisted with the development and implementation of mechanized systems, contracts, processes and procedures for the Allstate Claims Department.

While at Allstate, he was the direct liaison with Insurance Departments. He was involved with concluding Regulatory Market Conduct Exams and resolving issues in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Along with maintaining relationships with regulatory agencies, Mr. Wesseler was an active participant on several state Insurance Institutes committees. Working with the Institutes, he helped write legislation involving seat belt defenses, fire and police department charges, towing charges, auto total loss evaluations and Michigan No Fault Personal Injury Protection coverage. With his background he also testified before various legislative committees on these issues. Mr. Wesseler was an industry leader in many states, creating new case law on emotional distress, dog bites, residency issues and medical bill write offs.

Mr. Wesseler served as a Special and Executive Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association and worked with Illinois courts to establish alternate dispute resolution processes.

Mr. Wesseler is a Charter Senior Claim Law Associate and maintains membership in the Society of Claim Law Associates.

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